Modular Kiosks

Modular Kiosks

i.Power Solutions engineers products ideally suited for energy, control and power distribution applications in the mining, utility and industrial sectors, including the i.Power Solutions range of products.

The i.Power Solutions Modular Kiosk accommodates a variety of MV and LV equipment in an outdoor, weatherproof enclosure. i.Power Solutions installs all kiosk equipment in the factory and undertakes extensive testing before deployment to site, reducing on-site disruption and costs.

The construction of the i.Power Solutions Modular Kiosk allows for flexibility in sizing, layout, application, inspection and maintenance, making it one of the most successful products in the i.Power Solutions range.

A turnkey solution for MV & LV equipment

Standard Modular Kiosk Features include:

The standard i.Power Solutions Modular Kiosk includes:

  • Detailed design and fabrication
  • MV switchgear
  • Transformer
  • LV switchboards
  • Cabling between MV/TX/LV
  • Commissioning and testing completed before factory dispatch

Additional options:

  • Interconnecting cabling
  • Internal/external power and lighting
  • Transportation of kiosk to site
  • Site installation and commissioning

Designed for Flexibility

  • Modular construction, allowing design and specification options
  • Removable wall and roof panels, providing easy maintenance access
  • An internal structural framework, providing rigidity and easy cladding attachment
  • Transformer oil bund containment, avoiding the need for additional site works

Specifications: Technical Options


  • 200 – 3000 kVA.
  • Primary voltages 3.3 kV, 6.6 kV, 11 kV, 22 kV, 33 kV

High Voltage End

  • RMU SF6 gas circuit breaker
  • RMU vacuum circuit breaker
  • RMU load break switch
  • RMU circuit breaker
  • RMU load break switch fuse
  • RMU motorised closer (remote operation)
  • Vacuum circuit breaker
  • Load break switch fuse
  • Transformer terminal box enclosure
  • Protection relay
  • Form 2 to Form 4a
  • VSD or soft starter
  • Metering where specified.
  • DYN 11 (customised on request).


  • Oil transformer
  • Dry type transformer
  • Tap changer Off Load
  • Oil level indicator
  • Temperature RTDs
  • Instantaneous overpressure
  • Pressure transducer
  • External cooling radiators
  • Cooling fans
  • Custom specifications

Low Voltage End

  • Busbar in enclosure
  • Vacuum circuit breaker (3200 amp, 5200 amp)
  • Generator ATS
  • LV switchgear (standard type tested)
  • Form 2 to Form 4a (single or double-sided switchboard configuration)
  • VSD or soft starter
  • Metering where specified


  • IP 4X up to IP 55
  • Mild steel (powder coated)
  • 3 CR 12
  • Galvanising