Mining Equipment

Mining Substations

i.Power Solutions offer practical solutions for energy, power and control distribution for mining, utility and industrial operations with their Mining Substation ranges.

The i.Power Solutions range of mining products are designed to deliver safe, customised, reliable solutions for underground and surface applications, in transportable and fixed formats.

Solutions for Underground Sites and Facilities:


i.Power Solutions offer a broad range of solutions for underground mines, including various types of starters, section isolators, distribution switchgear and PLC control systems. i.Power Solutions switchgear is tested to IP56 and IP66 ratings. Switchgear systems are available in 22 kV, 11 kV, 6.6 kV, 3.3 kV, 1100 V, 690 V and 415 V configurations.

Underground Mobile Substations

Substation designs commonly include:

  • Purpose Designed and manufactured, Structural Skid Mounting arrangements.
  • IP56 Rated Mild Steel and Stainless Equipment Enclosures – HV and LV Ends.
  • Solid rubber wheels.
  • Rated tow hitches with spring lift assistance.
  • Choice of both HV and LV switchgear and control systems.
  • Heavy Duty, purpose designed and built Power Transformer options.
  • Arc Flash protection system options.
  • Automation packages that integrate with mine-wide operating systems.

Relocatable power substations

The i.Power Solutions relocatable power substation is a compact alternative to a transportable switchroom. The product is available in 11 kV, 22 kV and 33 kV and comes with a modular distribution skid for easy relocation to the nearest HV power line.

When enclosed within a fenced and padlocked area, primary switchgear can be pole mounted with an isolator, surge arrestors and re-closer. The design can also incorporate a skillion roof to reduce solar heat sink.

The i.Power Solutions relocatable substation supports metering and protection systems, multiple feeders and a power transformer for secondary voltages. Local site 415 V or 240 V auxiliary power and lighting is included as part of the modular package and cables connecting the transformer and secondary switchgear are mechanically protected.

Power Factor Correction - Coming Shortly

i.Power offers their customers expertise in the planning and design of custom power factor correction units for fixed and transportable switchgear installations.

i.Power’s range of power factor correction units are suited to rugged conditions and harsh underground environments, with designs that can accommodate:

  • Various supply voltages
  • A wide range of reactive power compensation
  • Fixed and manual switched capacitors
  • Self-managed capacitor stepping sequences
  • Synchronous condenser correction

Power factor correction units reduce utility costs and electrical losses and extend equipment life.

Solutions for Above Ground Sites and Facilities:

Transportable HV Power Substations

The i.Power Solutions range of mobile high voltage power substations is ideally suited to open cut mining operations and include the following standard features:

  • 5MVA-25 MVA rating.
  • 66kV primary voltage incoming.
  • 3.3, 6.6, 11, 22 kV secondary switchgear feeders.
  • Gated and interlocked access to the rooftop 66kV HV overhead operator platform.
  • 66kV rotary double air break switch.
  • 66kV SF6 circuit breaker, both dead and live tank types.
  • 66kV voltage transformers and current transformers.
  • 66kV live line indicator.
  • Skids for easy onsite relocation.
  • Oil catchment systems.

i.Power Solutions can deliver to site, install and commission all mechanical, electrical and fire systems turnkey and ready for operation.

  • HV hybrid switchgear – for a one level solution.
  • Secondary switchgear feeders.
  • Non-driven crawler tracks and tow bar for easy relocation.
  • Switchroom air sampling early detection.
  • Switchroom fire system.
  • Lighting and power packages with 25 kVA-75 kVA auxiliary transformers.
  • 66kV high voltage switchgear protection panel.
  • DC battery charger panel.
  • 415 V / 240 V distribution board.
  • VCB circuit breaker trolley.
  • PLC, SCADA and communications cabinet.
  • Remote trip/close operator panel (exterior of switchroom).

HV Substations and Switchyards

i.Power Solutions offer design, manufacture, installation and commission of HV surface infrastructure, including substations and switchyards in 33 kV, 66 kV and 132 kV.

Designs can be adapted to support all incoming and outgoing configurations and quantities. High and low bus structures, modular switching and protection substation units can interconnect with the inclusion of bus ties, protection and metering to create a simple or complex interlocked distribution network.

The i.Power Solutions 33kV and 66kV substation range is delivered on a structurally certified skid base so that only strip footings are required to support the unit. This feature speeds-up site installation.

Additional Options

i.Power Solutions HV substations can also include a range of MV and LV switchboards and packaged switchrooms.