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TVRO or Tele Vision Reception Only Marine Antennas are dome shaped antennas of varying sizes and strengths designed to allow for Satellite TV on board leisure and commercial vessels.

The system consists of an above deck white dome antenna with built in GPS and Automatic Skew. This can also be mounted alongside a dummy dome housing to achieve aesthetic symmetry.

Below deck the antenna interfaces with an antenna control unit with NMEA based gyro interface. When selecting a system, customers should review the coverage maps to determine the best model for their location based on minimum EIRP.

i.Power Solutions recommend KNS TVRO antennas, which are designed to operate efficiently in some of the roughest seas on earth.

Standard KNS K-Series TVRO Features:

  • Attitude Heading Reference system(AHRS) using an IMU sensor (3 axis gyro scope, 2 axis acceleration)
  • High performance stabilization in rough weathers
  • Honest 3 axis system - Stabilized azimuth and elevation with a skew unit. Stabilized skew system guarantees perfect searching and tracking
  • Automatic skew control
  • Antenna control unit displays heading value without gyro connection using AHRS derived from inverse kinematics technology
  • Tracking 6 sec of unwrap time
  • Compatible for DVB-S2
  • Provides over 80 satellites parameters
  • DiSEqC 1.2 function available (automatic satellite switching using receiver up to 4 satellites)
  • DSP(Digital Signal Processor) control technology
  • High gain reflector
  • Built in GPS
  • Gyro Free Operation


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