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Fits every marine bathroom

One of the strengths of the current Flexi Line is the flexibility to maintain the same design in every bathroom. With the new Flexi 2G Tecma moves a step ahead with a new design of both toilet and bidet. The Silence Plus 2G is the foundation for the Flexi Line. The same design is available in different sizes to match every bathroom. Big, small, short, cut or even combined. The 2nd generation Flexi Line toilets always fit and when space allows, you can now have the perfect pairing of toilet and bidet.

Smart short sanitation

To create space in a bathroom, a toilet and bidet are installed on a step. The short versions have an adjusted height for this mounting situation. The new design brings a new level of Short Toilets and Bidets.

  • With a new design geometry, the Flexi Line short versions extremely simplify the installation
  • No need to cut off the base step to accommodate protruding parts thanks to the flush motor and hoses
  • Without compromises on performance and quality, all Tecma components have been further optimized to make the most of the available internal space
  • The easy installation means production time and labor savings

Clever and quick hidden installation

Both beautiful and clever define the installation of the new Flexi Line toilets and bidets. The different installation brings a great step forward in design and is really easy and fast to fix.

  • Hidden installation enhances elegant design
  • Side fixing fitting set allows installation in just a few steps
  • Smooth surface makes cleaning easier

Seat Options:

Polyester seat and cover

  • Polyester seat and cover
  • Classic
  • Seat and cover both visible
  • Robust wooden core
  • Chromed plated hinges
  • Optional: Soft closing damper with AISI 316L
  • Thermosetting seat and cover
  • Modern
  • Hiding the seat
  • Lightweight
  • Plastic and chromed plated hinges
  • Optional: Soft closing damper

Soft closing
Both solutions can be featured with a multiple choice of convenient soft-close lids, provided with a damper system to reduce the closing speed
and avoid both damage and noise, which possibly disturbs other guests’ sleep and comfort. A gentle finger touch to the lid activates the softclose
damper mechanism. The softclose damper mechanism is a design original to Tecma.

Sugatsune™ damper technology
The polyester seat and cover with soft closing has high-quality components such as the top of the range Sugatsune™ damper technology, polished stainless steel 316L fittings and durable plastic bushings to secure the highest reliability in the market.

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