Fender Profiles

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Fender profiles, otherwise known as rub rails, form important protection for the hull and gelcoat of the vessel to prevent damage from knocks and scraps. Fender profiles are typically sold in lengths cut to suit the requirement of the vessel, and may be comprised of various components such as rubber or stainless steel to aid in shock absorbtion.

Fender profiles are available for both leisure, commercial and defence vessels and come in a variety of thicknesses, colours and finishes.

The Tessilmare range of fender profiles include:


An innovative profile with high technical performance. The profile has a stainless steel finish that can be fitted directly, with a slim PVC base, or with a thicker strong base for additional protection.



Radial can be uniquely fitted without preheating, saving time and money in installation. The Radial system consists of a soft and flexible PVC profile, with a high strength track. The installation is completed with stainless steel end and top caps.




Bino is a strong and lightweight PVC profile, easily bent due to it's patented two piece design. The two piece design hides screws and assists in contouring to the lines of the vessel. Bino is available in various sizes and can be fitted to very complex curves.



Bumper is an ideal PVC profile for vessels requiring extra impact absorbtion and protection. Developed with a triple PVC structure, air pockets within the construction provide even greater strength.


Dock Fender

Dock fender are profiles of varying size ideal for securing to docks and mooring platforms. Boats that contact Dock fender slide along the edge, with no abrasion or noise generated.


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