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The innovative, fully automatic system that significantly enhances performance, fuel economy, comfort and safety

Zipwake was successfully introduced to Australian customers in 2015, and since then the system has received highly positive feedback from builders, vessel owners and operators across Australia. The system incorporates a state of the art series of durable, fast-acting interceptors, eliminating the well-known trim problems of planing and semi-planing boats between 20-60 feet.


Zipwake has the following key benefits, making the system an essential choice for motor boats of all sizes.

  • Zipwake is a fully automatic and active trim control system
  • Dynamically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous boat pitch and roll
  • Automatically minimizes wave resistance and saves fuel
  • Built-in quality, simplicity and easy expansion, yet affordable
  • 5-10 times faster than conventional trim tabs
  • Built-in GPS, 3D-Gyro and 3D-Accelerometer

Zipwake is available as an all in one kit, with all parts required for installation via an accredited Shipwright. Any base installation can be expanded with up to two extra pairs of Series S interceptors, thus allowing a total of six interceptors without any need for additional connectors or power supply.

Innovative Interceptors
Series S constitutes a product family of four straight and four V-shaped interceptors. This first-ever modular design made for mass production makes the interceptors durable, affordable and perfectly adapted to any planing or semi-planing boat between 6 m and 18 m (20-60ft).

Zipwake also design and manufacture unique V-Shaped Interceptors.

Smart Ride Controller. Push the Auto button and Go!
Zipwake’s stylish control panel is carefully designed to be user-friendly and intuitive to allow the driver to focus on the right thing – enjoying the boat ride! The panel’s two unique control wheels provide easy, quick and intuitive manual control of running trim, heel or heading. However, the system normally operates in automatic control mode, which is enabled by a single press on the AUTO button. In this mode, the built-in high-frequency GPS, 3D gyro sensors and robust motion controller automatically ensure dynamic elimination of un- comfortable and dangerous boat pitch and roll.


Specifications (Smart Ride Controller)
Model CP-S
Display 2.4’’ Transflective color TFT, 320 x 240 pixels, double-sided, anti-reflection coated window
Internal sensors 5 Hz GPS, 3D Gyro, 3D Accelerometer,Ambient light
Supply Voltage 12 - 32 V DC
Power Consumption 10 W max
Operating Temperature -20° to +85°C (-4° to +185°F)
Storage Temperature -40° to +90°C (-40° to +194°F)
Waterproof Rating IP67 / IP64 (front / back)
Compass Safe distance 0.5 m (1.7 ft)
Compliance CE, FCC
Weight 0.22 kg (0.49 lbs)
Mounting Flush or surface

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